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Lotus - 100% Soy Wax Organic Candle

Lotus - 100% Soy Wax Organic Candle

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Introducing Lotus - a candle that offers a harmonious blend of floral elegance with a top note of rose, followed by a comforting middle note of vanilla, and a soothing end note of lavender. Perfect for creating a serene ambiance, this candle is ideal for cozy evenings or unwinding after a long day. Embrace the simplicity and tranquility it brings to any space.

This candle is topped with a beautiful scented periwinkle coloured flower accent to enhance the beauty of your home. 

Wax Weight: 135 gms
Burn Time: upto 30 hours
Fragrances: Rose, Vanilla, and Lavender
Dimensions of the candle: 3×3 inches
Dimensions of the box: 4.5×4.5×4.5 inches
Content of the box: 1 Jar candle with a wooden lid & 1 Match box
Jar Material: Glass
Wax Type: 100% Soy Wax
Product characteristics: Paraffin free, Sulphate free, Dripless

Burning Instructions: Trim wick upto 1/4" before lighting. Keep candle free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings. Only burn the candle on a level, fire resistant surface. Do not burn the candle for more than 3 hours at a time. Stop use when only 1/4" of wax remains.

WARNING: Burn within sight. Keep away from flammable objects. Keep away from children and pets.

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